Feel the Pride / by VOCAL


The Ally Coalition Presents Feel the Pride, an immersive installation celebrating WorldPride, Powered by Microsoft

As WorldPride NYC Commemorates the Reality of Stonewall 50, Artificial Intelligence Creates a Unique Audio-Visual Display of the World’s Sentiments on Pride.


For the month of June, NYC Pride welcomes WorldPride as it marks the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and a half century of LGBTQI+ liberation. To celebrate this moment, The Ally Coalition have created an emotive community-driven sound and light experience featuring a soundscape by St Vincent, and generated by user messages. The experience is powered by Microsoft AI technology that explores powerful feelings of hope, anger, joy and determination.

Feel The Pride is an immersive experience that aims to express what Pride feels like with a stunning sound and light display that will take guests on a journey through shared sentiment of what Pride means to them. Either onsite or from around the world using the #FeelThePride hashtag on Twitter, users input their message conveying their personal feelings of Pride from which Microsoft Azure’s Sentiment Analysis tool analyzes the content for sentiment and translates it into a generative sound and light experience. The sounds of St. Vincent and lighting display of color patterns that are presented evolve into a unique presentation for each message based on the underlying sentiment.

The 2019 WorldPride is the first to take place in the Stonewall Uprising’s home of New York City, an event that in 1969 marked a turning point in equality for personal choice of expression which remains a symbol of strength in the LGBTQI+ communities around the world. To commemorate its 50-year anniversary, the non-profit activist spokesgroup The Ally Coalition envisioned an experience that would amplify the passion of this movement, elevating participants with collective hope while grounding them with the connections of community.

The Feel the Pride installation will run from June 15–30, located at 568 Broadway (at Prince St), New York, NY.

For more information, please contact VOCAL or visit www.theallycoalition.org.