Project Cobalt's SS15 Collection / by VOCAL

Project Cobalt Inspired by a cool spring day in Brooklyn, Project Cobalt’s inaugural collection was conceived and created by an eclectic group of New York designers who are part of the Craft Class team: Olu Alege and Edgar Garrido of Street Level Culture; Alexandra Kennedy, Samantha Giordano of Dolores Haze; and Drew Villani of Dreu. Though hailing from a range of background but finding unity in a common ethos: beautifully simple clothing inspired by traditional silhouettes employing modern details and trims. The intent was to present Project Cobalt's SS15 Collection as androgynous and versatile; the perfect unisex collection drawn from a deep consideration of fashion, form and function.

Subtle and refined yet bold and confident, Project Cobalt’s first season is original – remarkably on trend while following no trends. Standout outerwear classics like the topcoat and bomber jacket have been reinvented and brought to life by lighter spring fabrics and a washed-out tonal color palette. Wardrobe staples such as the dress short encourage a new respect and inspired style for basics, constructed from a light-weight worsted wool blend that allows the slight detailing of measured cuff and extended rear-pocket tab closure to create sophistication in simplicity.

VOCAL undertook the development of all supporting and amplification materials to introduce Project Cobalt's SS15 Collection, build brand noise and drive ecommerce traffic. The initial offline experience for key influencers, media and bloggers was an exclusive launch party at the newoned Reed Space in Manhattan's Lower East Side.