The World's Finest Umbrellas Arrive Stateside / by VOCAL

BLUNT™ Umbrellas Officially Launches in the US to Sharpen One’s Weathered Style

 BLUNT™ is making a worldwide splash with its revolutionary and stylish range of low-profile umbrellas designed in blustery New Zealand. Known as the strongest on the market with fully tensioned canopies, BLUNT represents the most significant advancement in umbrella design in over a century and is now landing in the United States with national distribution and engaging communication activity. 

The inspiration to re-engineer the humble umbrella came from the realization that workmanship and quality was lacking in this everyday essential item, coupled with the very real risk of taking a fellow pedestrian’s eye out with the sharp tips of a traditional umbrella. Founded in 2009 by design engineer Greig Brebner, testing and refinement was undertaken in the exposed landscapes of New Zealand with a focus on a product that demonstrated quality construction through considered design. The result is an umbrella that can withstand the strongest of weather, has world-first blunt canopy tips for safety and presents a stylish, polished aesthetic.

At the center of the company’s philosophy is a desire to dispel the throwaway culture associated with the modern umbrella. As an extension of this philosophy, BLUNT proactively collaborates with likeminded brands and artists that share a strong creative and design focus. One of their latest collaborations incorporates a technology to create the world’s first “unlosable umbrella”, achieved in partnership with lost-and-found innovator Tile. Another limited edition collaboration features the creative work of renowned international artist and illustrator Michael C. Hsiung, presenting a cast of unique characters facing the personal ordeals of the elements.

Since its inception, BLUNT has rapidly expanded from New Zealand to become available throughout Australasia and Europe, as well as in South Africa, Canada and now in the United States. Design critics and press alike have praised BLUNT™ with accolades including the achievement of “revolution in umbrella design”, a “structure that falls between a suspension bridge and a NASA space probe” (The Wall Street Journal), and an umbrella with “architectural integrity as unbroken as the dome of St. Peter’s” (Wired). In 2014, BLUNT won a prestigious iF Product Design award and a Red Dot Design Award at the International Design Awards in Germany.  

The revolutionary canopy design and Radial Tensioning System (RTS™) ensure BLUNT umbrellas can withstand wind strengths far beyond levels in which users would normally feel confident raising an umbrella. In addition, each umbrella comes equipped with an approved 38-point quality check, fiberglass shaft for weight-strength optimization, wind-tunnel tested aerodynamic handling, blunt canopy tips for sidewalk safety, proven storm resistance, and a global two-year warranty. A total of nine models in a range of designs and colors are currently available for you to confidently take this winter by storm. 

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