The VOCAL Times – Women Entrepreneur Dinners / by VOCAL

The Women Entrepreneur Dinners, hosted by Esther Garcia (founder of AQUA Studio), is an invite-only gathering of like-minded female entrepre- neurs to learn about wellness tools in order to live a more balanced lifestyle. It’s an opportunity for profes- sionals to network, share stories, and discover tips on how to overcome similar challenges on running a business over a healthy five-course dinner provided by Chef Daphne Cheng.

“Being a woman entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely road and I find that exchanging with other fel- low entrepreneurs can be so helpful. During my four years of entrepreneurship, I have been lucky to meet many inspiring women and I have been wanting to gather them together more often; when I find myself stuck in a situation, it’s by talking to other women that my situation developls clarity. I hope to be able to give back to other female entrepreneurs.”

Esther Gauthier, a 30-year-old French citizen, found- ed the first & only aqua cycling studio in New York – AQUA Studio. Born & raised in Paris, Esther grew up watching Woody Allen movies and all the episodes of Friends, obsessing over New York City thinking that one day she would conquer the city as Melanie Griffith did in ‘Working Girl’. After attending her first aqua cycling class at La Maison Popincourt, an innovative and highly effective workout that had revolutionized the fitness industry in Europe, Esther knew she had to bring it to the US. Combining her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for personal wellness, Esther introduced the workout with her own refined sense of style to New York and opened AQUA Studio in April 2013. 

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