The VOCAL Times – Issue No.1 / by VOCAL

As we enter the Year of the Sheep, we celebrate the symbol of arts and a year of banding together to create a harmonious coexistence. Society has become lazy and narcissistic; literacy has been lost to 140 characters, photographic brilliance has been replaced with a phone app, and the power of drawing to crystallize an idea is now a status update. It’s time to strip the bullshit and inform the young aspiring designers, copywriters, photographers, illustrators, production designers, advertising geniuses, outspoken publicists and original marketers: you’ll never be the creative person you aspire to be if you don’t know where it’s all coming from.

And so we present to you The VOCAL Times – an industry resource for individuals who strive to be in the know, through those in the know. For issue No.1 we focus on the city we all love: A is for apple, the Big Apple, the city that never sheeps.

The VOCAL Times No.1