PBLC TRDE NY: Menswear Wholesaling Redefined / by VOCAL

PBLC TRDE NY: Rebranded, Restructured, and Remaining True to Wholesaling Excellence


Following a recent branding and business overhaul, PBLC TRDE NY is entering the new year revitalized to continue their mission of championing globally progressive fashion labels and emerging brands with a strong focus on high-end client relations and sales services.

As a hotbed for emerging menswear brands of casual distinction, PBLC TRDE NY is a curated wholesale studio that executes the sale of selected men’s fashion with a holistic consideration of the entire merchandising process. Operating as a multi-line showroom to provide each label exposure in its entirety, the actual experience for each brand is more in-house, receiving guidance and support on all aspects of successfully bringing their collections to the right market. The result is a considered strategy that, while constantly maintaining brand integrity, ensures sales growth from a solid foundation to a strong market presence.

Formerly operating under the name Indigo Showroom since 2009, PBLC TRDE NY has formed a partnership with Townes creative brand agency to strengthen both company and client positioning, reinforced by a showroom team composed of brand managers that are well versed in retail, wholesale and merchandising. Strategic creative partnerships bring together expert alignment with a deep understanding of sales, aesthetic, communications and market culture, all centered on achieving strong revenue growth with the client's needs foremost in mind. While remaining true to breaking ground for the best of emerging brands, PBLC TRDE NY has become recognized as a showroom where retailers can find viable, exciting niche brands that are not over-saturated in the market.

“We are a small agency that really supports our clients,” says PBLC TRDE NY co-founder and owner, Laura Baker. “We push all of our clients to work together and share best practices; in doing this, all of the small companies feel as if they are part of a larger company and have the support of one another.”

With the invaluable ability to discern a young brand’s personal and commercial potential, PBLC TRDE NY is currently facilitating the establishment and growth of some of North America’s most exciting emerging menswear brands, including Chapter, Jardine, Nicholas K, Stroble NY and Costalots. PBLC TRDE NY has also championed the US introduction of international brands Dzojchen, Krane, Novemb3r and Ecoalf. In addition, the PBLC TRDE NY showroom acts as a display area for Brooklyn-based furniture designer Uhuru, who regularly redress the space to maintain a fresh and inspiring environment.

For more information, visit www.pblctrdeny.com.