SeeMe Launches New E-Commerce Platform During Art Basel / by VOCAL

This year’s event program from the global art-curation platform SeeMe was ground-breaking and dynamic – featuring three art submission competitions of thousands of entrants from around the world. From each competition, a Grand Prize winner was selected to win $5000 cash and a special video feature on the SeeMe platform. SeeMe also held an abundance of private events including solo and group exhibitions which took place across the landscape of the United States. Now, SeeMe expands its support for emerging artists with the launch of its e-commerce platform where renowned artists such as Bogdan Luca, Jess Bush and Olga Ush make their prints available for purchase.

This year’s events began on March 9, as the growing SeeMe artist community kicked-of Armory Art Week with a group exhibition in partnership with Public Arts. The exhibition featured talented artists Bita Cuartas, Nima Chiachi, Gabrial Guerra Bianchini, Jennifer Orhelys, Jean Toir, and Cristoal Marambio who were selected from thousands of applicants by a panel of recognized creative professionals.

On June 7, SeeMe continued the exhibition series, this time collaborating with ChaShaMa on a gala and party that marked the end of the Art Takes Times Square competition. From the thousands of competition entrants, select SeeMe artists were chosen to contribute to ChaShaMa’s labyrinth of over 150 immersive art experiences. Darrin Hartman was announced the Grand Prize winner and later featured his work at the Aspen Food & Wine VIP Reception at the Limelight Hotel - joined by renowned artists Alex Nero and Olivia Daane. All three artists’ works were sold on a limited-edition print run.

SeeMe’s Art Takes SoHo event in partnership with Tribeca Art Night took place September 26 at The Untitled Space and showcased the works of over 100 SeeMe artists including finalists from the second competition - Art Takes SoHo. Artist Kaya Deckelbaum was selected and announced as winner, collecting the impressive Grand Prize Package and a solo exhibition opportunity.

Just this month, December 6-9, SeeMe wrapped up the year’s events with a special finale exhibition at Art Basel Miami 2018, culminating competition three: Art Takes Miami. This exhibition featured the works of over 200 renowned SeeMe artists from which Bogdan Luca was selected to receive the Grand Prize. Supporting the featured installation at Scope was a visual takeover of the Visual Artist Summit at Miami Dome on December 6, a venue famed for its wrap-around imaging shows filling the entire spherical ceiling, with the overhead show fueled by SeeMe’s selection of artists. Alongside the digital canvas of artworks presented by Blackdove and Miami Dome, all top-twelve selected artists’ prints were made available for purchase on SeeMe’s e-commerce platform, newly launched this month. This platform is an exceptional resource to SeeMe’s artists, allowing them to easily sell and ship their work to buyers around-the-world, thereby expanding their reach and influence.

Stay tuned for SeeMe’s 2019 event schedule, which is sure to break further boundaries of the art world and continue to support emerging artists in redefining the landscape of the fine art market. Now gaining further momentum from SeeMe’s burgeoning ecommerce platform, SeeMe artists have the power to change the creative market as we know it.

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