Fashion Career Kickstarter for Aspiring Young Creatives / by VOCAL

A Week-Long Fashion Camp Becomes The First & Strongest Step Towards a Successful Career in Fashion

Launching this summer as the fashion career kickstarter for aspiring teen and tween creatives, Fashion Ko-Lab exposes and informs on the varied segments of the fashion business landscape. Through the guided, week-long intensive courses, students gain genuine business insight and equip themselves with the tools they require to plot a course and navigate their own fashion career success.

With three camps in New York City and two in Los Angeles through summer 2015, Fashion Ko-lab positions itself in North America’s two great fashion capitals. Course content ranges from a detailed exploration of key industry roles that identify those best suited to each participant’s goals, to a detailed study of the design and development process, to personal and professional promotional avenues that create momentum and inertia for business success. This comprehensive curriculum is reinforced by inspiring field trips to fashion houses and production facilities. Empowered with the knowledge, skills and connections to facilitate their career ambition, the participating young innovators are mentored to emerge with their own personal projects ready to execute.

Created by Liza Deyrmenjian, founder of Fashion Business Accelerator 360 (FBA360), the Fashion Ko-Lab camps provide a unique and extensive insight into the world of fashion. Through FBA360, brands leverage a multi-platform learning experience that offers full access to the industry’s most established experts to overhaul and maximize their fashion business. In the same way, Fashion Ko-Lab creates a learning structure that brings together the fundamentals of fashion professions and the hottest designers and fashion insiders.

As a fashion business consultant, Deyrmenjian has advised leading brands such as Marmot, Westbeach, Umbro and Rochelle Behrens’ The Shirt. In 2014, Deyrmenjian’s education and mentoring of 13-year-old Isabella Rose Taylor saw the development of this young designer’s first collection arriving on the Nordstrom sales floor and receiving unanimous media and public acclaim.

"Under Liza’s guidance I learned the entire process of creating a product and bringing it to market – from blocks to sourcing fabrics, finding models and creating samples,” says Isabella Rose Taylor. “This is a process that would have taken years to learn, and decades to refine.”

Today’s teens and tweens are the most connected, educated and sophisticated generation in history, and are also the most driven; for many their vision is clear and their ambition certain. Yet these qualities are only maximized with the invaluable guidance of a competent and experienced mentorship program. That program is Fashion Ko-Lab.


New York City

Los Angeles

July 6 – July 10
July 13 – July 17 (Advanced Week)

July 27 – July 31 August 3 – August 7

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