BlingoArt Launches to Redefine the Art of Chat / by VOCAL

Bringing Contemporary Art to Everyday Conversation


In an unlikely unison, tech entrepreneur Henry Lihn formerly of SinglePlatform, and entrepreneurial artist Nico Dios, who executed one of the largest exits from Bitcoin, have come together to bring previously inaccessible artwork into the digital communications arena. As BlingoArt they are dedicated to advancing contemporary artists by publishing their work for integration and mass distribution through digital platforms.

A more compelling and interactive form of communication than the standard emoticons found on today’s messaging and webchat platforms, “sticker chat” has quickly become an immensely popular form of expression that allows the user to summarize a statement quickly with flare. This seemingly niche form of chat has spawned a high-demand industry showing growth of over 70% per year – for example, market leader Line who’s revenue model relies primarily on sticker sales, is currently preparing an IPO after growing from $58 million to $100 million in a single quarter of 2013. To launch, BlingoArt is applying their artwork portfolio to chat stickers, bringing something fresh and exciting to the space and strengthening their position to expand into the greater world of digital art.

Combining the worlds of business, technology and art through founder histories, BlingoArt presents a presumably incompatible mixture of professional disciplines to create a recipe for success in the new landscape of digital communications. Starting his career in sales for market-leader Heartland Payment Systems, Henry Lihn quickly advanced to most recently become Vice President of Sales at SinglePlatform which recently sold for $100 million. Tech founder through passion, Henry also built an impressive portfolio of business including Cameo, Overture, EveryScreenMedia, and the award-wining digital agency Gin Lane Media.

From the other end of the business spectrum comes Nico Dios. An art maker, investor and consultant to some of New York’s most venerable artists and art institutions, Nico’s experience ranges from his association with one of the city’s most notorious graffiti crews to working with The Guggenheim Museum and Christies. As founder and principle of Peregrine Perpetual, Nico has built, managed and sold art collections for private artists, while consulting for leading brands such as Converse and Y-Q.

This melding of worlds brings together value that allows the creation of unique and exciting products, such as their recently launched BlingoArt. Working with some of today’s leading artists – such as Shepard Fairy, Kenny Scharf, Todd James and Futura2000 – BlingoArt is building a catalog of artwork converted to multi-platform “webchat stickers”. Purchased in packs of no less than 20 through the application’s stickers store for $0.99, users can then use their stickers to chat through their chosen device.

BlingoArt is bringing a new level of quality to chat stickers; museum-level artwork that has been unavailable in stickers formats, until now. Respected artists whose work has be incompatible with electronic conversation - until now.