A Virtual Experience to Calm Your Reality / by VOCAL

TRU LUV launches #SelfCare, the app to harmonize your hectic lifestyle.

Today the innovative developers of therapeutic technologies at TRU LUV released their latest digital companion #SelfCare, a game-like app that allows you to reset, recharge and reemerge anew. In this world ruled by digital overload, TRU LUV takes your phone past being a tool for personal betterment and onto providing a truly restorative immersive experience — one that replaces mindless scrolling with mindful intention.

“#SelfCare is an antidote to a stressful world and a phone full of bad news, FOMO, and more stress,” say co-creators Brie Code and Eve Thomas. “For 3-5 minutes you can escape to a calm and soothing room, do some relaxing, meditative tasks, and return to your life refreshed and ready to face your stresses.”

The setting for #SelfCare is as simple as the process: Let’s stay in bed all day. In your virtual bedroom, surrounded by your favorite gentle things, you select calming tasks that generate simple satisfaction and uncomplicated harmony. Awaken your slumbering cat and give it some deserved affection, sort your laundry by color, indulge in a tarot card reading, or nurture your favorite plant. It’s your safe, comfortable space where you give yourself permission to feel better.

Unlike traditional games that get increasingly more stressful as you progress, the #SelfCare interactions begin disorderly and awkward and become more orderly and satisfying. There are no levels of difficulty, no winning, and no losing. The goal is simple: To feel better.

To build #SelfCare upon a solid, evidence-based foundation, the team collaborated with research advisor Dr. Isabela Granic — creator of the renowned anxiety-reducing children’s game MindLight, Professor and Chair of Developmental Psychopathology at Radboud University in the Netherlands, and Director of the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab. “It’s the marriage of science and design that is the game changer,” says Dr. Granic. “Ultimately, it’s that science-design integration that will motivate people to take control of their own emotional resilience, building self-care practices that prevent the development of anxiety and depression while also promoting general well-being.” 

As your #SelfCare experience progresses you can personalize your virtual sanctuary with unique additions contributed by guest artists working in themes of self-care, updating your space to reflect the evolution of your goals and outlook. The more time you spend on yourself, the more self-care techniques are unlocked for a deeper and more impactful practice.

Download #SelfCare in the iPhone App Store.

For more information visit TruLuv.ai

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