The VOCAL Times: B is for Blog / by VOCAL

The VOCAL Times

bläg/ noun – contraction of “web log”, a type of online diary

A recent and disturbing trend on the internet.  A blog lets people easily post comments onto a webpage. While blogs have many purposes, some of which can be useful, most people seem to use blogs as a way of having an online diary.  These people have such massive egos and are so narcissistic that they believe that other people would be interested in reading their pointless ramblings.  Even more disturbing is the fact that many people have such boring lives that they have nothing better to do than to read these stupid online diaries.  They just feed the egos of the bloggers and encourage them to continue posting nonsense.

Taken from – where ironically users post de nitions that they assume are accurate and articulated well enough to empower the reader.