The VOCAL Times: Displeased to Meat You / by VOCAL

Nimrod Shapira

Nimrod Shapira is a director of rare talent at the forefront of interactive video, as well as a satirical vegan activist with a passion for pushing the human-versus-animal comfort zone.  His latest work “Love Inside Your Tummy” is an animated interactive video experience that takes a darkly humorous approach to encourage veganism.  Along with animal cruelty, this interactive video addresses health and global warming issues linked to consumption of meat, dairy and eggs.

As a hearty farmer sings you through preparing, lleting, cooking, frying, and sautéing your choice of dish, the interactivity invites you to click buttons that “uncover the truth”.  Revealing the less savory course of the animal-food process, this content is compiled from undercover investigations by PETA, Humane Society Of The United States, Mercy For Animals and other animal rights organizations. 

Check out the video below, or jump into the full experience here.

SPOILER ALERT:  You may just rethink your dietary choices, but you’ll definitely be impressed. 

This animated interactive video experience called "LOVE INSIDE YOUR TUMMY", takes a darkly humorous approach to encourage Veganism. The video features a jovial farmer, who reveals some not-so-palatable realities.