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 Street League Skateboarding Foundation To Unveil Their First Skate Plaza In South Los Angeles

In the spirit of giving back, the Street League Skateboarding Foundation (SLSF) has been established to increase skateboarding participation through the development of community skate plazas. On Thursday July 24 at 5pm, Street League will host a ribbon cutting ceremony, alongside the mayor of Los Angeles to celebrate the first SLSF skate plaza opening in South Los Angeles, California.

This year, in partnership with The California Endowment (TCE), the Foundation is enriching the skateboarding community with four unique skate plazas throughout skateboarding’s birthplace of California. Grants from TCE will fund the entire design of each plaza by the illustrious California Skateparks, as well as contributing to half of the construction costs. This week the SLSF will host the grand opening of their first skate plaza in South Los Angeles, bringing a professional-level skatepark to a neighborhood otherwise void of legal skateboarding opportunity; thus relieving local skaters of the all-too-familiar dilemma of not having a city-sanctioned facility that meets their needs.

Founded by the premier skateboarding competition platform Street League Skateboarding (SLS), the SLSF was established as a means to further contribute to the global skateboarding community through the development of quality skateboarding facilities. SLS emerged in 2010 as the first professional league for skateboarding and offering the largest prize purse in the history of the sport. The Foundation utilizes a portion of the funds generated by the competition’s success to bring SLS-quality skate plazas to communities in need. Since it’s inception in 2013, the foundation has raised over $6.1 million to fund a planned fifteen skate plazas around the United States.

Each plaza will be inspired by previous SLS course designs, scaled down to accommodate the range of skill levels within the skate community. Much like training facilities in any other sport, SLS skate plazas will provide aspiring skaters with an avenue to train and compete on courses similar to those that their favorite pros compete in, making the transition from novice to amateur, and onto professional as seamless as possible. Each plaza will become the hub of regional competitions that follow the same rules and use the same unique Street League Skateboarding ISX scoring format to ensure continuity through the progress into the professional arena.

“Skateboarding is not a crime”, the sport’s unofficial slogan since the 1980’s, began as a sticker and t-shirt campaign to highlight the public backlash against the initial growth of street skateboarding. Still today, young skaters worldwide are forced out of their favorite local skate spots, facing fines and even incarceration while the system does little to address the fact that the number of sanctioned skateparks in America is incommensurate with today’s massive skateboarding population. With more Americans skating than playing hockey, tennis, or even baseball, why doesn’t every town have a quality skatepark? Street League Skateboarding Foundation is working to solve this critical issue for today’s youth.

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