It's good to be vocal (°ᴗ°) / by VOCAL

It’s with great pride that we can announce the official opening of our Canadian office in the sunny lakeside city of Toronto, and right now we’re so overstoked on all things Canada — not the least of which is the forward-thinking legalization of cannabis on October 17.



#SelfCare now for Android

Montreal-based developers TRU LUV released their latest mindfulness app #SelfCare in July for iOS. As an app that transforms your phone into an opportunity for quick calm, #SelfCare has been wildly successful with a global audience — gracing the iOS App Store’s Top 50 most-downloaded games in 20 countries within six weeks of launch and ranking currently as No.26 in the iOS App Store games category. Having launched on Android this September, #SelfCare has now exceeded an impressive 500,000 downloads.

>> Download #SelfCare for iPhone or Android.

The VOCAL Times

The VOCAL Times

The VOCAL Times platforms creative-industry leaders and brings long-overdue recognition to the talents that design, create, develop and sustain brand fame. Our third issue, set to release this December, will continue the alphabetical theme into “C is for Canada” and feature all-Canadian talents and brands. Keep your eyes peeled for the release, and drop us a line if you know any Canadian’s that you think deserve a spotlight.



QuadPay: Buy Now, Pay Later

We’re warming up to make some big noise with QuadPay, the number-one payment option for millennial shopaholics. As a buy-now-pay-in-four-parts solution currently offered by some of the most sought-after fashion brands, QuadPay makes luxury accessible to those in a pinch.

Stay tuned for our upcoming QuadPay events and activations.


Art Takes Soho

SeeMe just tied off their third art submission competition at a group exhibition event entitled Art Takes SoHo where artist Kaya Deckelbaum was titled the first place winner, garnering herself an impressive prize package including a $5000 grant, a solo exhibition, a solo feature in Tartarus Magazine and a video feature in the SeeMe website. More news to follow on their upcoming submission contest Art Takes Miami.



MAN/WOMAN: Tokyo, Oct 18-19

MAN/WOMAN has enjoyed a fruitful September with WOMAN shows in both New York and Paris. As the leading platform to directly connect top fashion retailers, designers, and press with one another, this fashion trade show now looks towards their coming show in Tokyo with an impressive list of exhibitors from both men and women’s fashion. Register here.

And don’t forget to raise one or blaze one for Canada on October 17 as they let loose a host of inspiring new sub-industries, taking THC and CBD to OMG status.