TINY EMPIRE Juice Cleanse / by VOCAL


Modern life takes its toll on the body and the mind. But thereʼs no reason to stop burning the candle at both ends; at least, not entirely. A short remedial cleanse is enough to put a bounce back in your step and a smile back on your face. Tailored to the most common ailments of todayʼs New Yorker, each Tiny Juice Cleanse of raw organic fruits, vegetables, boosters and herbal tinctures addresses a specific range of issues that energize the body and reinvigorate the mind.



Itʼs all too easy to allow the good intentions to remain just that while grabbing a slice on your way to evening drinks, only to sleep through the alarm and skip your morning run. Make your good intentions positive actions with the Tiny Housekeeper cleanse, cleansing the way for more productive days ahead.

Intensity:              Beginner

Intention:              Rest, Restore, Revive

Price:                   $61

Daily Program:     Aloe shot, Juice #1, Chia Oatmeal or Acai Bowl, Juice #2 or Juice #4, Kale Salad (two selections), Juice #5, Almond Milk (regular or spiced).


TINY OVERHAUL (cleanse #2)

As the original Tiny Empire juice cleanse, this one remains our personal favorite. Simple enough to manage within a hectic schedule, The Tiny Overhaul is a more intense cleanse to allow moderate detoxification while minimizing the side effects encountered with a deeper cleanse. For those confident in their commitment to a juice cleanse, but concerned about an ever-full inbox, the Tiny Overhaul is for you.

Intensity:              Intermediate

Intention:              Nourish, Energize, Invigorate

Price:                   $57

Daily Program:     Aloe Shot, Juice #1, Juice #2, Juice #3, Juice #4,Juice #5, Almond Milk (regular or spiced)



The tiny empire that is your body is governed by the nutrients and maintenance that you provide. As the more intense of the three Tiny Juice Cleanses, this program allows your digestive, immune and lymphatic systems to strike back against the effects of our synthetic world to achieve homeostatic harmony.

Intensity:              Advanced

Intention:              Detoxify, Heal, Balance

Price:                   $52

Daily Program:     Aloe Shot, Chlorella Shot (or possible shot choice - explain) Juice #2, Juice #3, Juice #4, Juice #11, Almond Milk (regular or spiced)




Diet and nutrition is like everything else in life: you get out what you put in. An opportunistic diet based around processed foods and quick snacks not only deprives your body of essential nutrients, but far worse, introduces a range of synthetic and toxic substances that require proactive metabolic removal from your system. Over time, as intake exceeds your bodyʼs ability to keep the system clean, these substances accumulate and impede biological function. While the most common effects include fatigue and lethargy, more severely a prolonged poor diet can lead to chronic illness and disease.


A juice cleanse creates a healthier system in two ways. First, it restricts your personal diet to natural foods that provide your body with the vitamins, minerals and enzymes required for healthy function. Second, and of prime importance, this cleanse period gives your system some much-needed rest, allowing attention to be given to the processing and removal of toxins residing in muscles, tissues and organs. The result is a tuned machine that can better cleanse itself moving forward.



As with a happy hour, a juice cleanse can have some next-day effects that arenʼt as originally intended. The cleansing of accumulated toxins causes a switch in metabolic process that prioritizes essential function over performance. Many people experience initial fatigue, reduced alertness, mild headaches or a decline in motivation. Although not common to everyone, your motivation is the resulting mental clarity, biological health, increases energy and glowing complexion.

To make your juice cleanse the success you expect, give some thought to the following.


Rope in a Friend

Not only will the personal support make the process easier, but everythingʼs more fun with your buddies.


Hit the Ground Running

Take a few days to get into a consistent routine while still in familiar territory. Better still, start a few days early with a focus on non-processed foods and beverages.


Make Your Excuses

Your body needs rest for optimum performance, and even more rest for reparation. Inform your gang that you wonʼt make it to that party next Wednesday.



Cutting out the coffee prior to starting your juice cleanse not only gives you a head start, but breaks that habit you will be refraining from during your cleanse days.


That Little Something

All good deeds deserve to go unpunished. Decide on a personal reward for your cleanse dedication, then go get it.




Liquid Life

Drinking at least half a gallon of water each day facilitates the removal of toxins through the bodyʼs natural waste systems. Add a freshly-squeezed lemon to flavor your water and give your immune system a boost.


Rest & Recover

A good nightʼs sleep does wonders for the body. Taking a break from exercise for the days of your juice cleanse will further allow your body to prioritize the recovery process of detoxifying.


Sweat it Out

Take advantage of that trial gym membership and hit the steam room. Sweat is another of bodyʼs waste elimination pathways and an ideal way to increase the rejuvenating effects of your juice cleanse.


Body Brush

The use of a dry body brush stimulates the circulation and increases the effectiveness of the lymphatic system. While dry brushing has the obvious effect of smoothing skin, it has also been shown to improve digestion and kidney function.


Ease Out

For the days following your juice cleanse, or for as long as possible, keep your diet centered around fresh fruits and raw salads, and avoid dairy products.