ListaPost Turbocharges Instagram / by VOCAL


An App That Creates Real and Unique Value From the World of Photo Sharing


Taking the power of social media to a new level of productivity, ListaPost is a mobile application for both iPhone and Android that allows us to search, save and share the world of Instagram photos as never before. From customized lists, users can share content with friends, customers and colleagues as mini-feed slideshows to communicate an inspiration or tell a more detailed and compelling story ­– socially through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, online as HTML, or personally via email and text message.

Instagram has become one of the most widely used applications for sharing photos and reaching an audience, with the level of participation and submission of original content completely changing the social, marketing and media landscapes. Yet ironically, as a photo-sharing tool it presents a range of challenges to actually share photos beyond itself – with its content largely existing as an isolated silo, its power as both a resource and an avenue for personal or professional promotion cannot be truly realized. ListaPost addresses this by revolutionizing the way we can leverage history’s most significant visual documentation of daily life around the world.

“The only way to reuse Instagram content is to take a screenshot, yet these become lost in your photo album and laborious to find,” says ListaPost founder Ben Nazarian. “The ListaPost solution is a tool to extract Instagram content for use both within Instagram and beyond.”

 The process is simple: within the ListaPost app that seamlessly integrates your Instagram profile you can search, save and share all of your favorite photos. Develop personal lists as you discover inspiring content, then share these collections as desired – within Instagram as a slideshow that itself becomes a mini feed, externally via text and email, or through a range of other popular social media platforms. The result is profound: the world’s real-time image diary can now be arranged into productive and inspirational packages with meaningful purpose, while also allowing users to tell a more comprehensive story from multiple posts.

 For the millions of Instagram users sharing their lives through imagery, ListaPost offers an exciting way to share more than just a moment of interest. For businesses and brands, ListaPost finally allows dynamic and engaging storytelling as the most powerful productively tool for the world’s most popular photo-sharing platform. For all of us equally, ListaPost creates a more significant social media experience, not only by finally letting us organize and utilize Instagram content, but through empowering us to follow fewer diluted feeds and focus on ListaPosters that are true curators of content most relevant to our own lives.

 Save easily and share creatively with ListaPost. Download now on iPhone or Android.

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