The VOCAL Times – Jenna Putnam / by VOCAL

Jenna Putnam is an American photographer and writer based in New York City.  Her style has been described as raw and evocative, extracting a sensual yet confident vulnerability from her subjects.

Jenna has been taking photographs and writing from a young age.  Born in Hawaii and raised in Southern California, Jenna moved to Los Angeles in 2008 where she became an assistant editor for a local music magazine. She soon devel- oped an interest in photography and began teaching herself through the medium of film.

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In 2011, she moved to New York City to further pursue a career in photography.  She has since been published in Oyster, The Fashionisto and many other publications. She shot her first advertising campaign in 2013 for Rag& Bone’s “DIY Project”.  Sh's also been featured as a guest writer and photographer for Leica Blog.

She is currently focused on shooting portraits and fashion, as well as writing poetry and short stories.