Empire & Branch: Foreign Fashion, Local Success / by VOCAL

Empire & Branch Combine Authenticity & Vision with Industry Expertise & Knowledge in Aesthetics, Messaging & Trade


Advancing beyond standard distribution and licensing models with a view to revolutionize the international fashion businesscape, Empire & Branch is emerging as the industry go-to for foreign brands looking to scalably launch in the North American marketplace. A uniquely comprehensive merchandizing approach incorporates all branding and business services to execute a thorough and successful market presence – from branding, marketing, PR, wholesale, retail, and e-commerce, through to warehousing and logistics solutions.

With an intimate understanding of the global fashion business and the various North American markets, Empire and Branch offers brands the ideal incubator platform through which to strategically maintain and enhance brand integrity while entering one of the largest and most complex markets in the world. The formation of a unique partnership with each brand ensures that the full range of business goals are aligned to maximize both profitability and sustainability, underpinned by the significant minimizing of risk. The refined brand selection criteria of Empire & Branch further ensures enterprise success, requiring a cultivated blend of personality, commercial viability and cultural significance.

Launching with three iconic brands, Empire & Branch clearly offers an invaluable approach to foreign companies entering the North American markets. As the world’s most revered and influential brand in color, Pantone Colorwear apparel is being introduced for Spring/Summer 2014; targeted at the male that appreciates classic style and vibrant color, this collection epitomizes the new basic – minimal yet all about the details. Founded by “the godfather of men’s fashion”, the British men’s fashion house Hardy Amies offers traditional menswear styling with an authentic and refreshing modern insight. And presenting the epitome of smart Scandinavian style, Tiger of Sweden is minimalist fashion with proud attitude; a different clean cut in high quality.

Bringing together a combined 70 years of expertise from each corner of fashion and business, Empire & Branch is well positioned to execute creative & business development. As sales, merchandizing and marketing director, Chris Pappas has helped champion brands such as Hugo Boss, Donna Karan, Ben Sherman, Diesel, G-Star and PRPS. A high performing international sales and brand development executive, Deepak Gayadin’s implementation of key strategic sales initiatives and accelerated staff development programs in Europe and North America helped grow G-Star Raw from a local brand to one of the major players in the international arena. After serving as a marketing executive and the driving force behind Diesel worldwide, Maurizio Marchiori was appointed VP of Marketing for Diesel USA to fulfill an increasingly important role that developed the brand from a product-oriented company to a forward-thinking market-driven leader. As a finance and retail specialist in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, Sandro Risi has a long and proven history in creating new business, reviewing and implementing acquisitions in the retail and luxury sector.

As custodians of their foreign brands, Empire & Branch expand brand and business innovation beyond design experience through the social development of structure and ability. Through their unique approach that incorporates all aspects of successful market penetration, this brand-building collective becomes a one-stop shop for fashion brands entering North America. For more information visit www.empireandbranch.com, or contact: chris@empireandbranch.com.