Summer Exhibition Takes Over Times Square / by VOCAL

SeeMe Kicks Off Their Second NYC Series at ChaShaMa Gala

Continuing this year’s program with their second activation in New York City, SeeMe invited today’s passionate and talented artists to join their community and submit works for consideration to be included in a three-part series of exhibitions this summer.

The series will launch in partnership with the renowned ChaShaMa Art Party as a takeover of the entire 22nd floor of the 4 Times Square building, featuring over 150 selected artists from around the world as curated by Anita Durst. This installation labyrinth of immersive art experiences will also feature the ten SeeMe finalist submissions, selected by the curator panel including Jia Jia, Creative Director & Chief Curator at Art Assets, and Catherine Sippin, Director of Art Sales at SCAD Art Sales.

From the SeeMe works featured at ChaShaMa, one standout artist will be selected to receive a $2500 cash grant and an all-expenses trip to the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen to feature two of their pieces for sale at the event’s VIP Reception as one of three featured artists. These selected works will hang for the duration of Food & Wine event for all to see when visiting the Limelight Hotel.

A special public display works will be installed within Anita’s Way in Times Square to conclude the summer series. All semi-finalists, finalists and the grand-prize winner will be on display for all to enjoy at the crossroads of the world, showcasing the robust talent of the SeeMe artist community. 

ChaShaMa Art Party — Thursday, June 7, 9:00pm – 12:00am, 4 Times Square, NYC

F&W VIP Reception — Thursday, June 14, 1:00pm – 3pm, The Limelight Hotel, Aspen

Anita’s Way Display — June 28, Public passageway at 4 Times Square, NYC

SeeMe has now become the destination for serious artists and photographers to establish recognition, connect with enthusiasts and collectors, and develop genuine commercial opportunity. With an audience of more than 1 million supporters spanning over 30 countries, SeeMe has established an open platform that allows emerging artists and photographers to truly flourish outside of the traditional and restrictive agent / gallery model. Through their ongoing series of exhibition events, SeeMe is further strengthening the relationships between artists, gallerists and collectors.

For more information on joining the community, visit www.See.Me

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