SIMON Malls Rebrands to Relaunch Nationwide / by VOCAL

Access And Aspiration Becomes Relevant And Possible For All.


SIMON, the brand behind the brands you love, has revamped the underlying concept of their national shopping center portfolio to become a physical community that brings to reality the virtual connectedness of the online world. A newly invigorated visual identity communicates their commitment to uniting the world of retail experiences; from a stylized “S” comes a representation of infinity, continuation and an ongoing connection between their vast assortment of shopping mall centers to create a community throughout this dispersed nation.

As the global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development, Simon Property Group owns and operates over 325 locations, each becoming an indispensible destination and lifestyle reference for the local community. SIMON properties are the intersection where the disparate aspects of the modern lifestyle meet, bringing together the fashion, the outdoors and the technological. With the world's leading and most revered brands under SIMON's roof, SIMON becomes the voice of authority in relevant cultural conversation.

“It’s with great pleasure that we reveal the next generation of shopping malls through this rebranding and repositioning of SIMON”, says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Simon. “Today’s social landscape is saturated with information and opportunity, and it’s an honor to be able to contribute real and relevant value within that landscape.”

With an inspiringly visionary approach to adapting the shopping center experience to a fast-changing world distracted by online possibility, SIMON introduces a world of opportunity that keeps pace with the virtual. The shared nation-wide community that SIMON brings together comes to life through a rich program of experiential and social engagement, both within each mall and beyond to become the life of this new community.

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