Mau5trap Artist ATTLAS Launches Single “Aspen” at Microsoft x Deadmua5 Listening Party / by VOCAL


Last night, Mau5trap artist ATTLAS launched his new single “Aspen” for a private audience at the Microsoft x deadmau5 listening party hosted at the Microsoft Lounge in Venice, CA. ATTLAS wrote the single during the mau5trap bu5 tour using Microsoft Surface software.

The night started with DJ Jacob Plant spinning tunes while guests were treated to an open bar and delicious appetizers, including mini shrimp tacos! Thavius Beck then moderated a Q+A session with ATTLAS, where ATTLAS revealed how his love for music began (he started as a pianist!) to the moment he first met deadmau5–mid-performance on stage, deadmau5 kicks the back of ATTLAS’ knee waving a piece of equipment they both have saying, “I never leave home without mine either!” One of the few artists signed to deadmau5′ mau5trap record label, ATTLAS talked about the challenges he faced in writing music while on the mau5trap bu5 tour with limited resources and how he is ultimately just happy to be able to do what he loves for a living.

Well-spoken and humble, ATTLAS left a positive impression, and I left an ATTLAS fan and a newfound respect for his work and that of his industry. Moment of truth–I never quite knew if EDM artists knew music composition or if their musical ear was only coupled with sound engineering skills (which I recognize is still no small feat), but ATTLAS was throwing around music-theory jargon like we were all composers. I know many musicians who don’t know music theory, which is totally fine, but it’s cool to know that ATTLAS approaches his music with a composer’s ear/eye as well as a sound engineer’s.

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