See.Me Launches 2018 Event Series at Public, NYC / by VOCAL

Kicking off Armory Art Week, the ever-growing artist community SeeMe tonight premiered this year’s exhibition event series in partnership with Public Arts. A panel of recognized creative professionals curates artists for each show from an extended online competition, with this first show for 2018 featuring Bita Cuartas, Nima Chaichi, Gabriel Guerra Bianchini, Jennifer Orhélys, Jean Toir, and Cristobal Marambio.

For the past five years, SeeMe has connected the world's creators to a global audience, both online and in real-world exhibitions and experiences. Thousands of creators have been exhibited to millions of viewers around the globe, from Art Basel Miami, to the Louvre and the White House, and dozens of shows throughout New York City.

SeeMe has now become the destination for serious artists and photographers to establish recognition, connect with enthusiasts and collectors, and develop genuine commercial opportunity. With an audience of more than 1 million supporters spanning over 30 countries, SeeMe has established an open platform that allows emerging artists and photographers to truly flourish outside of the traditional and restrictive agent / gallery model. Through their ongoing series of exhibition events, SeeMe is further strengthening the relationships between artists, gallerists and collectors.

The 2018 event series continues in New York City, with a special activation in Times Square following the online submission of works beginning this month.

For more information on joining the community, visit www.See.Me.