A British Tailoring Icon Interpreted / by VOCAL


Hardy Amies produces modern and stylish menswear without being overtly designed. Hailing from London’s storied Savile Row, Hardy Amies embodies a long practice of bespoke menswear, and balances the worlds of tailored and casual styles. Their pieces reflect the philosophy of Sir Hardy himself, the innovative designer the brand is named for: “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.”

VOCAL presented the brands US debut by hosting a unique presentation of their AW14 collection. The event was held at THE TENTS @ Project in Las Vegas, a focused platform for designer and luxury, contemporary men's and dual-gender labels. To create a bespoke experience, VOCAL curated three style influencers to interpret the collection and merchandise accordingly on each of the event days. The three notables included Fashion Director of Man of The World, Julie Ragolia; President of Project, Tommy Fazio; and coveted fashion blogger Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen.

Esteemed press contributors responded positively to the exclusive showcase, resulting in coverage in such publications as GQ, Vanity Fair, Man of the World, and DETAILS, and winner of #BloggerProject’s BEST OF THE TENTS award for Las Vegas AW 2014.

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Hardy Amies Installation – The Tents @ Project, FW14

Revered by the sartorially minded as “the godfather of men’s fashion”, Hardy Amies was a tailoring visionary whose legacy and impact on smart menswear endures as the touchstone for informed male style. To celebrate the arrival of Hardy Amies in the US, three pivotal members of the menswear community have been selected to curate the introduction of the FW14 collection, each interpreting the various lifestyles that a Hardy Amies man lives. Styled by Tommy Fazio, Julie Ragolia and Justin Livingston respectively over this three-day installation, guests will gain insight into the sophisticated compatibility and applicability of Hardy Amies – both the man, and the attire.



Tommy Fazio – As the President & Fashion Director of PROJECT, few have the opportunity to personally witness and influence the direction of contemporary haute menswear. Having been Fashion Director at Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman and Nieman Marcus, as well as through executive positions with Simon Spurr and Calvin Klein, his vision for a live editorial show concept that allows visitors to “see what the world will be wearing” brings a unique perspective in styling the men of Hardy Amies. While tempted to go country with his styling, Tommy’s interpretation of the Fall /Winter collection is in its compatibility with a New York metropolitan scene. “Style to me is about individuality and the expression of one’s inner self – something you’re born with, nurture and die with. The Hardy Amies man is intelligent, he is sophisticated, he is worldly, he is a traveler, he is someone who really embodies style.”

Julie Ragolia – As Fashion Director for today’s leading male life and style reference publication Man of the World, Julie is constantly immersed in all aspects of timeless, iconic men’s style. Herself a confident reference of strong and individual style, this native New Yorker finds great inspiration in working with menswear which, existing within restrictions that act much like a set formula, allows the creation of something unique from one’s personal ingenuity through style. Named “One of the top 25 best-dressed New Yorkers” by Page Six, Julie is called upon to style a host of notables and celebrities; among them are David Beckham, Sean Combs, Jimmy Fallon, Colin Farrel, 50 Cent and Vincent Gallo. In styling the men of Hardy Amies, Julie pictured a rugged gentleman adventuring through many parts of the world - what would a man of the world wear within this collection, and what would he want to take with him from one journey to the next?

Justin Livingston – As the founder and creative visionary behind the New York-based men’s lifestyle and fashion blog Scout Sixteen, Justin’s daily witness to the diversity of today’s discerning male provides a well-rounded and firmly grounded approach to interpreting the men of Hardy Amies. “I think the best part about the Hardy Amies collection is that it’s very much an everyday guy, and the looks that I have created are a combination of my style: both casual and classic. You can have a couple of pieces from the collection and have a full wardrobe.” As a personable man of today that loves whisky, good times and bulldogs, Justin believes that style is very much a visually disruptive confidence: “Style is something that is innate; I don’t think it can be purchased, you can’t teach it. It has to blossom from within.”