York Athletic MFG Releases Holiday Performance Footwear Collection / by VOCAL

The newly launched performance footwear brand YORK Athletics Mfg. came strong out of the gates earlier this year with its high quality and intentionally understated line of lightweight performance trainers and accessories. This second collection for the holidays see iconic models revamped with new materials, colorways and the addition of temperature regulating Dri-Freeze technology.

York Athletic

YORK is blazing a new trail in the health and fitness space by promoting both mental and physical health, believing that a fighting mindset strengthens the pursuit of living a more fulfilling and healthy life. As some of the most conditioned athletes in the world, YORK manifests this through the lens of boxers whose training rigorously combines strength, speed, stamina, balance and mental conditioning. Even if you’re not a boxer, YORK inspires you to train like a fighter.

Truly valuing individuality, creativity and a fighting spirit, YORK footwear and accessories are minimally designed for maximum performance, empowering the wearer to create intention and carve out their own unique path in life. With their signature training shoe, The Henry, YORK has gained a strong following within the fighting fitness community, as well as with trainers and everyday gym goers. A roster of renowned professional trainers are in YORK’s corner as brand ambassadors – including Anna Farrant, Jay Kelly, Kevin Cobbs, Whitney Hull-Benson, and Jordan Bowers – and are living examples of how a fighting mindset can change your life. All leaders in their field, they understand the impact health and fitness have on ones mind as well as ones body, and reinforce the brand’s honoring of the fighting spirit in all of us.

YORK’s Holiday Collection presents their iconic silhouette, The Henry, in six new materials and colorways available across the classic and mid-top models, all emboldened with the addition of Dry-Freeze technology. Built into the sock liner or insole, this innovation provides exceptional breathability and moisture control to keep your feet comfortable and refreshed so you can continue to turn up your workout even when temperatures rise. These lightweight, breathable and highly responsive trainers ensure that your performance is only as limited as your drive.

Further fueling their product evolution and refinement is the growing community that shares their stories and insights through YORK’s online Out of Step journal, presenting unapologetic perspectives that range from the motivating and inspiring to the educational and entertaining. Rather than a specific sport uniting this community of movement mavericks, it is a shared mindset focused on the mental and physical disciplines of healthy balance.

Coinciding with the collection release is YORK’s announcement of their partnership with public relations agency VOCAL, the New York City-based PR and marketing firm increasingly focusing on technology, sports and fitness. Aside from taking the lead on all brand communications, from the digital conversation to brand ambassador programming, VOCAL will also help guide this fast-growing #OutOfStep audience and ensure that the YORK message is carried to all who choose a more informed path to personal performance. 

For more information please visit www.YorkAthleticsMfg.com. For all media inquiries contact VOCAL.