New York’s Own Authentic Taste of Germany / by VOCAL


Internationally Acclaimed German-Style Charcuterie Makers Continue Their Tradition of Gastronomic Perfection.

Almost a century after opening its doors, Schaller & Weber continue as New York’s very own masters of German charcuterie. As a family-run business, they are still dedicated to producing the same premium meats according to the same exacting standards and time-honored recipes that originated in long-forgotten butcher shops. To enjoy Schaller & Weber meat goods today is to experience something increasingly rare in this world—the tradition of taste.

Established in 1937 by master charcutier Ferdinand Schaller, Schaller & Weber traditional German meats have become a New York culinary institution. To celebrate this long history, Schaller & Weber have recently rebranded to bring a contemporary twist to their old-world heritage, drawing from a rich personal story to thoroughly revamp their entire line. The new branding takes notes from multiple eras in the company's long, storied past to create a look and feel that embraces the past while tempting and enticing the modern consumer.

The packaging has been completely reimagined as well. With a strong focus on telling the story of both product and company, each package has been carefully tailored to maximize impact at retail.  New products set to launch include all natural Pâtés, Cervelats, Landjäger "The Outdoorsman's Survival Snack," and, after years of perfecting, the Bacon Cheddar Brat. With the re-launch, comes a multifaceted marketing initiative that utilizes traditional in-store promotion, branded collateral, and event sponsorships, as well as modern outlets such as social media, digital content creation, and cross brand collaborations.

Schaller & Weber is the first and only American sausage and meat producer to repeatedly win gold medals of honor at international exhibitions in Holland and Germany. In 2000, Schaller & Weber entered twenty different products at Austria’s Wesler Volksfest and won fourteen gold and six silver medals—and the fair’s most prestigious international award, another first for an American chacuterier. While the new Schaller & Weber reinvents the brand visually, it maintains a melding of their timeless gourmet quality with modern aesthetics that is as rich and distinguished as the company history.

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