From Girl to Young Woman, a New York Fashion Story / by VOCAL

A Staple for Young Fashionables Continues as Frankie, a Concept Store by Pixie Market.

One of New York City’s most beloved fashion-forward boutiques is set to reemerge rebranded and recreated. Under the discerning curation of the Pixie Market founders, Frankie is set to inspire the girl who enjoys affordable luxe-looking basics that connect with her dynamic city lifestyle; whether by taxi, subway, bike or cobblestone.

Where some girls dress for their friends, others dress for men. The Frankie girl dresses for herself, and is the best-dressed girl in the room. As a career-mined girl her days are long; she needs an outfit that stands strong in the office, takes her out for a quick drink then moves on for dinner and a nightcap. Frankie doesn’t wear a cocktail dress to a party; she wears a tux black jumpsuit or a mock neck chunky sweater with a black sequin pencil skirt. She mixes high and low designers and labels, is well travelled, smart as a whip, imperfectly beautiful and quietly confident. She’s Pixie Market girl’s older sister, and she’s arriving at 100 Stanton St., New York, on November 14.

Established in 2006 by Gaelle Drevet and Magda Pietrobelli, Pixie Market quickly developed a cult following by the city’s of-the-moment girls to make a subtly bold statement through their personal take on contemporary style. With the immense online interest in Pixie Market, the Lower East Side boutique now continues as Frankie with the same leitmotif of uniquely fashion-current items with a one-of-a-kind feeling; somewhat boy-meets-girl, affordable but not disposable, and more than likely you’d never find it anywhere else. While representing the city itself, the store experience goes far beyond to give the visitor a glimpse into emerging refined style from around the world. In this, Frankie reignites the excitement of discovery that one felt when visiting Pixie Market.

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