Ilegal Mezcal Confessions Campaign Takes Off This Summer / by VOCAL

Ilegal Mezcal Gets the World’s Secrets, One Confession at a Time

Mexican artisanal liquor makers Ilegal Mezcal have been producing handcrafted spirits for nearly a decade. Already esteemed among mezcal and tequila drinkers, Ilegal Mezcal has launched an innovative engagement campaign to let everyone else know what they’re all about, and just why their products are worth filling glasses raised by the masses -- by letting the masses speak for them.

The Ilegal Confessions project utilizes social media to enable anyone in the world to contribute at any time by posting deep inner thoughts and secrets or defining moments with a picture on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and tagging @IlegalMezcal and #IlegalConfessions. Ilegal Mezcal will select the most interesting submissions and personally contact contributors to get the entire story to be included in their final project. The end result is a completely spontaneous and original set of stories that spans creeds, classes, and continents.   

The Ilegal Confessions project comes as an extension of the company’s origins. Born from founder John Rexer’s illegal smuggling of thousands of bottles of mezcal from Mexico to his bar Café No Se in Antigua Guatemala, the company’s history and namesake are a sort of personal confession from Rexer to the world. According to Rexer, the process in which Ilegal Mezcal is made is as distinguished as its origins, and those who drink it: "It's like old hand-tooled leather versus cheap pleather. It's seductive. People from all walks of life understand the difference. It's a way of thinking and wanting to live as much as it is fine liquor."

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