legal Mezcal x SoFar Sounds / by VOCAL

legal Mezcal, the finest in Guatemalan handcrafted liquor, has been producing artisanal spirits for nearly a decade. With its origins in music and mischief, Ilegal has always been embraced by musicians and former tequila drinkers the world over.

In the summer of 2014, VOCAL introduced Ilegal Mezcal to the New York City music scene with two things it knows best — eclectic performances and plenty of Mezcal.  This buzz-worthy introduction included a music-fueled LGBQT pride brunch, and an intimate musical showcase in collaboration with SoFar Sounds. To further their passion, Ilegal Mezcal now occasionally transforms their stateside HQ into the exclusive, members-only #ILEGALSocialClub.