TINY EMPIRE Introduces Small-Batch Juice Cleanse Program / by VOCAL

A Fresh and Easy Step to Better Living.

Brooklyn-based organic juicers Tiny Empire are proud to offer their newly conceived cleanse program. With three program options containing a liquid myriad of flavor combinations, each Tiny Juice Cleanse is a naturally delicious way to give your body some well-deserved respite.

Each cleanse program is comprised of a preselected assortment of functionally specific juice blends. Taken in any order, they work together to thoroughly nurture healthy bodily systems and bolster biological functions. While primarily intended to cleanse, each program has been designed to deliver a distinct physical result; the Tiny Housekeeper promotes rejuvenation, the Tiny Overhaul energizes, and the Tiny Empire Strikes Back detoxifies for overall wellbeing.

“Tiny Empire’s goal is to create unadulterated, wholly nutritious products; we’re strictly fresh and organic, and make small batches daily,” says founder Anthony Spadaro. “Our cleanse packages have been developed with the modern New Yorker in mind, benefitting all who feel the wear of city life.”

Altogether, the cleanse program is formidable adversary to the little detractions that, when added together, prevent us from being our best possible selves. When paired with a sunshine-laden bike trek over the Williamsburg Bridge or a limbering session of morning yoga, the Tiny Juice Cleanse programs are the ideal way to revilatize the tiny empire that is your body.

Tiny Empire

142 N 6th St

Brooklyn, NY 11249

For more information please visit www.tinyempirenyc.com