Project Cobalt

Project Cobalt's SS15 Collection by VOCAL

Project Cobalt Inspired by a cool spring day in Brooklyn, Project Cobalt’s inaugural collection was conceived and created by an eclectic group of New York designers who are part of the Craft Class team: Olu Alege and Edgar Garrido of Street Level Culture; Alexandra Kennedy, Samantha Giordano of Dolores Haze; and Drew Villani of Dreu. Though hailing from a range of background but finding unity in a common ethos: beautifully simple clothing inspired by traditional silhouettes employing modern details and trims. The intent was to present Project Cobalt's SS15 Collection as androgynous and versatile; the perfect unisex collection drawn from a deep consideration of fashion, form and function.

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Project Cobalt Unveils the First Results of "Cobalt Style" by VOCAL

Project Cobalt announces their debut clothing collection to be release through Cobalt Style, the fashion division of their newly launched network of young creatives. Simply titled Project Cobalt's SS15 Collection, this highly inspired interpretation of timeless classics brings new life to old favorites with ingenious design concepts that appeal equally to the modern man and the modern woman.

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Introducing: Project Cobalt by VOCAL

Project Cobalt is a new way of bringing creative people together through the power of collaboration. Its mission is to enable the next generation of creators by providing them with the tools, resources and platforms that they may not otherwise have, in order to help bring their vision to life.  To help identify these young creators, Project Cobalt is working with a variety of industry experts across entertainment, fashion, technology and more.

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