Able Archer: Purpose-Driven Bags / by VOCAL

Able Archer

Able Archer presents a new line of purpose-driven bags that go everywhere and do it well as a quiet and competent companion. Inspired by the thankless work of international photojournalists, news writers and guerrilla filmmakers, Able Archer caters to the unique requirements of today’s globally active individuals – protecting their tools, and their ambitions. 

Able Archer innovates from vintage military equipment of the past century, combining classic army surplus sensibility with thoughtfully enhanced functionality and advanced modular carry systems. Using time-tested combat silhouettes, materials and hardware, Able Archer’s exterior is naturally rugged and functional while remaining low profile and familiar. Inside however, Able Archer bags are a high-tech haven for all our tools, old and new – cameras, phones, computers, tablets – using the latest materials for storage, customization and accessibility.

Under the ideal that our actions define us, Able Archer elevates utility and preparedness to a state of mind that drives the modest professional to carry on through borders, boundaries, and ultimately, to their objectives.