Alps & Meters: Luxury Alpine Sportswear / by VOCAL


Alps & Meters

When a vintage ski jacket in a Swedish mountain town caught the eye of Louis Joseph, he knew he had found his calling. An avid alpine and telemark skier since the age of five, Joseph adored the knitwear jacket for its nostalgic features, which set it apart from the abundance of Gore-Tex ski apparel on the market. Deciding he could keep the garment’s timeless design but improve on its functionality, he started making plans for a premium alpine sportswear line, gathering anecdotes and feedback about classic ski wear and mountain lifestyles from around the world. Ten years later, Alps & Meters was borne.

"Since inception it has been our mission to build our brand on a unique set of values for which we are most passionate, and that reflect our appreciation of authentic alpine sport. Thus, we aimed to create a brand with a persona that reflects the timeless, nostalgic, and rich experiences that many of us have enjoyed in mountain villages around the world."