The VOCAL Times – Aimé Leon Dore / by VOCAL

Teddy Santis is the designer and founder of Aimé Leon Dore, a fashion and lifestyle brand based out of New York City.

Born and raised in Queens, Teddy Santis grew up admiring great style and architecture which he coupled with an interest in fashion, footwear and streetwear. Teddy eventually turned his passions into a fashion / lifestyle brand a little over a year ago.

Fueled by his own personal style, a creative eye and a strong work ethic, his brain child Aimé Leon Dore has made a worldwide impact since its release. With quality, comfort, and a minimal aesthetic at its core, Leon Dore has cemented itself as a brand with a uniquely refreshing take on product and presentation.

Following the release of three successful collections and concept shops in Manhattan, London and Amsterdam, Santis’ young brand heads into 2015 with a seemingly unstoppable momentum and rapidly growing intrigue.

Photos by Justin Chung shot throughout Harlem.

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Justin Chung is an American photographer based in New York City. Originally from San Francisco, CA, Justin began pursuing a career in photography while finishing his graduate studies in public health. Self-taught, Justin’s approach to his photography is to keep things as natural and honest as possible, focusing on capturing a moment.

Aside from his commercial assignments, Justin began documenting creative people as a personal fulfillment. Faculty Department is a personal photography project and visual journey by Justin Chung that focuses on the lives, spaces and stories of creative individuals worldwide.