The VOCAL Times – Gnarmads by VOCAL

Crazy Ideas + Mad Passion = Monomaniacs on a Mission. It can start with a rumor, an old postcard, or random afternoon beer banter – a purpose, adventure and challenge presents itself and it’s on. We discover possibility for ourselves to create opportunity for others, getting the most out of life to give the most back. Whether it involves physically doing it or simply drawing upon it’s camaraderie and originality, everything we do includes at least the essence of skateboarding. And through this we share from the skateboard community, to the greater community.

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The VOCAL Times – Women Entrepreneur Dinners by VOCAL

he Women Entrepreneur Dinners, hosted by Esther Garcia (founder of AQUA Studio), is an invite-only gathering of like-minded female entrepre- neurs to learn about wellness tools in order to live a more balanced lifestyle. It’s an opportunity for profes- sionals to network, share stories, and discover tips on how to overcome similar challenges on running a business over a healthy five-course dinner provided by Chef Daphne Cheng.

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Based in Sullivan County in the foothills of the Catskills, ’Skilled is a one-stop shop for photographers and creative directors, offering location, production, casting and catering services to the creative industries. For last season’s Kate Spade Saturdays campaign shot by Cass Bird, ‘Skilled supported with finding them the perfect backdrop in upstate New York to create the perfect country living experience.

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