Goodbye Screenshots, Hello ListaPost / by VOCAL


Taking the power of social media to a new level of productivity, ListaPost is a mobile application that allows users to search, save and organize the world of Instagram photo content into customized lists for easy reference. These lists can then be shared with friends, customers and colleagues to communicate an inspiration or tell a more detailed story, revolutionizing the way we can leverage history’s most significant visual documentation of daily life around the world.

The process is simple: search, save and organize Instagram posts into personal lists that are easily referred to for future use. These collections are then sharable within Instagram as ListaGram slideshows, as well as externally via email, textback or through other social media platforms. The result is profound: the world’s real-time image diary can now be arranged into productive and inspirational packages with qualitative purpose, while also allowing users to tell a more comprehensive story from multiple Instagram posts.