Pantone Colorwear on the Streets of NYC / by VOCAL


For the launch of the Pantone Colorwear clothing line, VOCAL enlisted a young and vibrant team to hit the streets during New York Fashion Week to actively promote the opening of a dedicated popup shop in the city's fashionable Meatpacking Distric. Donned in clean, white painters coveralls, each member carried a bouquet of helium balloons of a classic Pantone color, with one representing the recently announced Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid. Responding the the inevitable inquiries from a curious and cheered public, they passed out invitations to visit the Pantone store and receive an exclusive gift with purchase.

Beginning at the Lincoln Center for the week's biggest fashion shows, the team engaged with arriving notables, media, bloggers and designers as they made their way through the awaiting crowd of paparazzi. From here, they ambled through the city, stopping for photo opportunities with locals in Central Park, mixing with tourists in Times Square, mingling with locals down Broadway and finally into the stone streets of the Meatpacking District where the evening festivities for NYFW were underway.

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