Art Takes Soho / by VOCAL

SeeMe’s 2018 Contest Series Celebrates NYC’s Historic Art Neighborhood

The global art-curation platform SeeMe returns to New York City for an exclusive pop-up exhibition during this year’s Tribeca Art Night on September 26, showcasing the works of ten finalists from the preceding submission contest. 

As an independent exhibition, Art Takes SoHo pays homage to the creative haven that the neighborhood once was: a nexus of the avant-garde art scene that gave us iconic creative minds such visual artists Andy Warhol and Gordon Matta-Clark, performance artist Laurie Anderson and choreographer Trisha Brown.  Inspired by and in recognition of these greats, art will reclaim the neighborhood once again as the SeeMe platform assembles some of today’s top artists to present outstanding SeeMe talent for the viewing public of Tribeca Art Night.

The exceptional and passionate artists of the world are invited to join the SeeMe community and submit their works before September 16 for the coming Art Takes Soho exhibition.  Through the careful selection process overseen by a panel of recognized creative professionals, the thousands of submissions will first be narrowed down to 100 semifinalists, ten of which will be chosen to present their works at the New York exhibition.  From these works, one standout artist will then receive a $5000 cash grant as well as a feature in Tartarus Magazine and on the SeeMe platform through a video spotlight of their creative process.

Since its establishment in 2012, SeeMe has helped a fleet of artists in a creative league of their own to nurture their careers to their full potential.  SeeMe accomplishes this with regular events that spotlight these artists to millions of viewers worldwide at locations such as the Louvre, the Whitehouse and Art Basel Miami.  SeeMe also features these artists on their online platform that reaches over a million art enthusiasts across 30 countries.

This year’s ongoing contest series continues with an exclusive opportunity for selected artists to showcase their work at the coming 2018 Art Basil Miami Beach.


Art Takes Soho, 45 Lispenard Street, New York 10013 — September 26, 6:00pm–9:00pm

Submission deadline:  Sunday, September 16 —


For more information on joining the community and submitting your work for consideration in the coming curation event, visit www.See.Me.  For all media inquiries contact VOCAL.  

Selection Panel:

Brendan Burns is the founder of Stepstone Art Resources and CEO of SeeMe. He is a lifelong patron of the arts with professional roots as an experienced tech entrepreneur. 

Jia Jia is the Creative Director of Art Assets, an arts consultancy specializing in curating high-impact art installations in privately-owned public spaces. 

Nora Kobrenik is the Editor-In-Chief and Founder of Tartarus Magazine, a publication directed at emerging creative talent. 

Indira Cesarine is the Editor-In-Chief and Founder of The Untitled Magazine and curator of The Untitled Space art gallery in SoHo, NYC. 

Catherine Sippin is an art installation project manager and exhibition coordinator working with the Savannah Collage of Art & Design to oversee the installation of The Art Collection at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.


About SeeMe

SeeMe has now become the destination for serious artists and photographers to establish recognition, connect with enthusiasts and collectors, and develop genuine commercial opportunity.  With an audience of more than a million supporters spanning over 30 countries, SeeMe has established an open platform that allows emerging artists and photographers to truly flourish outside of the traditional and restrictive agent / gallery model.  Through their ongoing series of exhibition events, SeeMe is further strengthening the relationships between artists, gallerists and collectors.