Fashion Casual Footwear for the People, by People / by VOCAL

People FootwearTM Launches as the Exciting & Invigorating Shoe that is More with Less, for All.

Canadian entrepreneurs Damian Van Zyll De Jong and Matt Penner, original founders of Native Shoes, have recently launched People Footwear. With a view to reinvigorate the footwear market that struggles to tangibly evolve with the modern lifestyle, People is taking cues from the timeless to create footwear for our time.

It’s the simple things that turn out to be the best. People Footwear is about bringing people together; stepping outside to see where the day takes you, who you might meet along the way and knowing an adventure awaits if you’re up for it. And that starts with wearing what looks and feels right.

Shoes don’t have to be complicated. People offer a contemporary design of common sense in a shoe that is stripped down to its simplest form. From construction to production, nothing is wasted and everything is streamlined to produce footwear for today that connects the best styles of the past with the best technology of the future.

Constructed from molded foam, People shoes are the epitome of harmonious comfort making them ideal to throw on to get out. Inspired from famed classic casuals of eras past, they then become a shoe of thoughtful style that, through their minimal aesthetic, subtly compliment your personal style for any casual adventure the day may hold.

Each of the four styles launching for Spring/Summer 2014 are based on a core construction of People’s own Skylite™ and Super Cush™ performance foams, being water repellant, shock-absorbing, easy to clean and best of all, odor resistant. The fully molded style (The Senna – see below) is comprised almost entirely of this super-light and supremely comfortable foam, with secondary materials such as rubber tread elements and removable laces strategically incorporated for added functionality. The three hybrid styles (The Phillips, The Stanley and The Lennon) combine molded Skylite™ foam components with fabric uppers and modern seamless construction techniques for breathable all-season functionality. Two People models (The Phillips and The Stanley) boast 3D printing, the latest in no-sew technology applied selectively to fabrics for structural and aesthetic detail.

Taking the performance hallmarks of an athletic shoe into daily footwear, People have created shoes that envelope your feet and express a balance of support and freedom. Simplification can revolutionize existing staples in ways previously unimagined. And so it is with People Footwear, from design and production through to the freedom felt when wearing them. This is how shoes should feel.