NAO Takes Fans Into “Orbit” With Interactive Music Video Powered By Microsoft AI / by VOCAL

From the Sky to Your Screen, NAO’S New Video is a Truly Personalized Experience.

 Microsoft has announced another partnership through their ongoing In Culture program that supports today’s most innovative creatives, this time with English singer-songwriter and rising star NAO. Together they are producing a never-before-seen interactive and personal music video to support the “Orbit” track on her new album Saturn released late in 2018.

Go behind-the-scenes of the music video for NAO's "Orbit." R&B artist NAO used Microsoft machine learning and artificial intelligence to launch an interactive music video that brings fans' zodiac constellations to life. Experience it for yourself at

The “Orbit” music video is centered on a Saturn return, a unique occurrence for each of us that exists when the planet returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at our moment of birth. The astrological inspiration of the song is known as a personally tumultuous time that allows NAO fans a more intimate connection with the artist and her work. The use of Microsoft’s technology and AI create visualizations based on both user inputs and cloud-point data collected gather from a dancing NAO, taking this fan-artist connection even further for a deeper experience as it relates their own personal journey.

To customize the “Orbit” music video the viewer enters their birthday, initiating a launch of the zodiac-filled night sky in which NAO and the dancers move through the galaxy. Colors of the sky and stars can be adjusted as the AI picks up the different constellations in the dancer’s bodies, as well as the fan’s own astrological sign. At completion, fans can share an image of NAO posing in the stance of their astrological sign, along with a plot of Saturn’s return in their own personal timeline.

The process for the music video began at Microsoft’s volumetric capture studio in San Francisco where cameras captured NAO and an accompanying dancer performing choreography to “Orbit” that transformed their bodies into point clouds of data. The Microsoft Custom Vision API was then trained to identify constellations within their movements, resulting in a truly customized experience that allows fans to connect emotionally with NAO’s own personal story within the song.

Based in East London, NAO’s sound is a mix of soul, funk, R&B and electronic music — what she calls as "wonky funk". Saturn is her second studio album, released in October 2018 and supported by the singles "Another Lifetime" and "Make It Out Alive". The upcoming “Orbit” music video release with Microsoft is scheduled for April 26, with a special in-depth experience as a media preview set for April 25 in London, UK.

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