York Athletic PopUp Shop / by VOCAL

York Athletic

11.29.16 / 6pm–9pm

114 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

RSVP: tami@yorkathleticsmfg.com

Truly valuing individuality, creativity and a fighting spirit, YORK footwear and accessories are minimally designed for maximum performance, empowering the wearer to create intention and carve out their own unique path in life. With their signature training shoe, The Henry, YORK has gained a strong following within the fighting fitness community, as well as with trainers and everyday gym goers. A roster of renowned professional trainers are in YORK’s corner as brand ambassadors – including Anna Farrant, Jay Kelly, Kevin Cobbs, Whitney Hull-Benson, and Jordan Bowers – and are living examples of how a fighting mindset can change your life. All leaders in their field, they understand the impact health and fitness have on ones mind as well as ones body, and reinforce the brand’s honoring of the fighting spirit in all of us. 

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