The VOCAL Times: Issue No.2 / by VOCAL

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This second issue of The VOCAL Times continues alphabetically on to B. With the sad realization that the inspirer has become an in uencer and the immense di erence that this presents as a reference for creativity, we embrace originality that achieves reach to spotlight those with integrity and true skill.

In our brave new world where the brilliant few strive to be heard above the banal many, a nger can be pointed at the digital soapbox that thinks itself the vocal equal of genuine authority. Commentary dressed as insight fuels inspired delusion, contributing to an entitled mass lacking experience – a hustle that generates an appreciation of process over prize.

But B ain’t for beef, and so we steer clear of the blog to take a look at a range of creatives that truly inspire and in uence. We explore various art forms and learn how passion can engage and converse with an unknown audience. If B were for brilliance, it would allow the perfect introduction to the artistic collaborator for this issue: Swanski. 


The VOCAL Times No.2