High Performance PR / by VOCAL

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        3MMMMx.      VOCAL.       xnMMMMMM"
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    "MMn...     'MMMMr 'MM   MMM"   .nMMMMMMM*"
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          *PMMMMMMhn. *x > M  .MMMM**""
             ""**MMMMhx/.h/ .=*"
                    nP"  |   "*n     

From product and paraphernalia to finance and farming, we’re involved with a diverse range of leaders in cannabis, as well as ancillary products and services that do not themselves touch the plant.

Creating fame is our game, and to this nascent industry we bring tried and tested amplification expertise that has brought success to brands large and small.

We are a full-service promotional agency with a focus on cannabis. The grass really is greener with VOCAL.