Introducing: ListaPost / by VOCAL


Goodbye screenshots. Hello ListaPost.

Now you can search, save and share Instagram photos with ease. Discover inspiring content, organize into personal lists then share your mini feeds as slideshows ­– socially through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, online as HTML, or personally via email and text.

Save easily. Share creatively.

ListaPost gives you the power to arrange the world’s real-time image diary into something manageable and personally relevant. Your lists become professional reference files, personal inspirations and engaging social stories.


+ Your Feed – everyone you follow
+ Your Profile – posts & likes
+ User Search – public or following
+ Hashtags – trending or unique tags

+ Create Personalized Lists

+ Easily Save & Organize

+ From Your Feed & Profile

+ From User & Hashtag Search

+ Individual Posts or Entire Lists

+ Social Media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

+ Web: as simple HTML code

+ Email: to friends, family or colleagues

+ Text: sharing can also be private