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The VOCAL Times: Displeased to Meat You by VOCAL

Nimrod Shapira is a director of rare talent at the forefront of interactive video, as well as a satirical vegan activist with a passion for pushing the human-versus-animal comfort zone. His latest work “Love Inside Your Tummy” is an animated interactive video experience that takes a darkly humorous approach to en- courage veganism. Along with animal cruelty, this interactive video addresses health and global warming issues linked to consumption of meat, dairy and eggs.

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The VOCAL Times: Ethical Aesthetics by VOCAL

The style of Stella Jean re ects and evokes her métissage and Creole heritage, blending old-continent cultures with the verve of the new world and marrying the opposites in a femininity well aware of its precious uniqueness. Through the lines of Italian haute couture craftsmanship beats a sensual elegance, proud and aware but never ostentatious.

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