New York Whiskey Club / by VOCAL


The New York Whiskey Club brings together a select group of discerning aficionados to discuss cultural happenings in fashion, film, politics, sex, music, art and all kinds of stuff.

"When I was a little girl, I remember watching my father – a trumpet player who had a funk, disco and jazz band – sitting around the kitchen table with his friends, sometimes his band mates or his brothers drinking Crown Royal on the rocks," says NYWC founder Sarah Bronilla. “It seems the stage was always set for my love of whiskey…”

“I became fascinated with all types of whiskey through my travels as I couldn't find Canadian Crown Royal. In my time, I discovered the sweet taste of Yamazaki while on business in Tokyo, the honey juice of Monkey Shoulder in Paris, Laphroiag in Berlin, Mekhong in Thailand, Bullet Rye in NYC, Michters in LA and so on. I wanted to share these experiences, these tastes, and the refinement of the people who craft a perfect bottle of liquid. More importantly, talk shit over a few glasses. Hence, The New York Whiskey Club.”