New York Welcomes Sweden / by VOCAL

The Tiger of Sweden storyspans over more than a hundred years. it is a true tale, which occasionally sways between golden years and pitch black prospects, more than once pushed forward by brave people with innovative minds. They all practised what we call “A Different cut” – an expression that goes beyond what you can accomplish with fabrics, scissors, threads and stitches. in our world, it’s a state of mind. It all began in a small town on the west coast of Sweden. Just over a hundred years later you can find us in stores spread over three continents, plus the ever growing digital world. And we are ready for more. 

To introduce Tiger of Sweden to the influential US editorial community, E&B and VOCAL will create an engaging media event that will educate, excite and inform.

A bespoke brand film will help communicate Tiger of Sweden’s rich history and it’s influence on Swedish culture, as well as highlight the brand’s continual contributions to fashion.

The AW14 collection will be exhibited in a way that promotes interaction, allowing guests to understand the brand’s dedication to quality and superiority of fit.

Further building the character of the event and enforcing the message of ‘the new luxe’, the underlying Swedish theme will continuously be integrated in a premium way through the food, beverage and environment design. 

For all media inquiries contact VOCAL.