The VOCAL Times

We as the creative community spark the interest of the world, yet we're often left uncelebrated. We spend our days selling and telling the stories of others while our own journeys go undocumented. 

While for love not glory, our passions still require both inspiration and aspiration, and it is with this in mind that we present to you The VOCAL Times. Meet the eye behind the lens, the mind redefining design and the vision driving the campaign. These are the creatives behind the creations; our contemporaries, and our homies.

Printed for analogue satisfaction. Digital for online ease.

Issue No.1

As we enter the Year of the Sheep we celebrate the symbol of arts and a year of banding together to create a harmonious coexistence. Society has become lazy and narcissistic; literacy has been lost to 140 characters, photographic brilliance has been replaced with a phone app, and the power of drawing to crystallize an idea is now a status update. It’s time to strip the bullshit and inform the young aspiring designers, copywriters, photographers, illustrators, production designers, advertising geniuses, outspoken publicists and original marketers: you’ll never be the creative person you aspire to be if you don’t know where it’s all coming from.

And so we present to you The VOCAL Times – an industry resource for individuals who strive to be in the know, through those in the know. For issue No.1 we focus on the city we all love: A is for apple, the Big Apple, the city that never sheeps.

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Issue No.2

This second issue continues alphabetically onto B, and B is for Blog – with the sad realization that the inspirer has become an influencer, and the immense difference that this presents as a touch point for creativity. 

In our brave new world where the brilliant few strive to be heard above the banal many, a finger can be pointed at the digital soapbox that thinks itself the vocal equal of a seasoned maven. Commentary dressed as insight fuels inspired delusion, contributing to a generation of entitled creatives lacking the experience of hustle that builds genuine authority.  

But B ain't for beef, and so we steer clear of the blog to take a look at a range of both digital and analog creatives that truly inspire and influence.




Issue No.3  of The VOCAL Times will focus on the innovation of Canadian creatives — from fashion and film to artists and architects — now more than 150 years in the making. Submissions and suggestions here.