Introducing: WannaGo / by VOCAL


WannaGo Puts The World’s Local Insight Right In Your Hands.


Today is the global release of WannaGo, an app available on both iPhone and Android that becomes your personal lifestyle concierge through categorized shortlists from a curatorial community. Within this, each curator’s personal insight can give you the information and access needed to get the most out of any experience, be it the password to enter that underground speakeasy in Chinatown that gives hands-on mixology classes, or that hidden spot in Big Sur you don’t want to miss.

Advancing beyond the assortment of impersonal rating and review platforms that simply sway decision, WannaGo allows members to follow evolving themed GoLists from curators that they revere and discover another version of the world in which they live. Members can then create their own collections of noteworthy locations, whether to save places they would like to experience, share recommendations with friends and family, or inspire others to step off the beaten path.

“Today we live in a very on-demand world, whether that be where we want to eat, shop or travel. The result is a nearly limitless set of options and a dauntingly cluttered mess when trying to save your favorite places or finding places from people you trust. WannaGo provides both a location on your phone to organize places you want to remember with personalized notes and photos, as well as a way to discover those hidden gems – be it a new local restaurant or a private beach for your next trip to France.”

To establish a quality content foundation upon which to launch their innovative platform, WannaGo has initially partnered with a host of exclusive curators from across the social spectrum to provide tastemaker insight from all walks of life. Within the app members can easily keep a finger on the pulse through the home-screen ticker, which highlights recently posted places from curators and members they follow within the community. Digging deeper, members can click into the Discover section to find exciting new locations, whether within their area or from around the world curated by a host of exclusive tastemakers.

WannaGo makes it simple to keep track of your favorite places, evolving your personal tastes and experiences through a community you choose to create. It also allows you to share your insight with others, not only within the app, but also via email, SMS and across the social media landscape.

Now available for download on both iPhone and Android.

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