More in Store with SIMON by VOCAL

As the global leader in retail real estate, Simon has revolutionized the shopping experience with a new approach to customer engagement. Having rebranded to establish itself as an innovator that speaks not through it’s list of storefronts but directly to the people, Simon has created an invaluable relationship with the modern consumer that genuinely addresses their ever-changing tastes and expectations.

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SIMON Malls Rebrands to Relaunch Nationwide by VOCAL

SIMON, the brand behind the brands you love, has revamped the underlying concept of their national shopping center portfolio to become a physical community that brings to reality the virtual connectedness of the online world. A newly invigorated visual identity communicates their commitment to uniting the world of retail experiences; from a stylized “S” comes a representation of infinity, continuation and an ongoing connection between their vast assortment of shopping mall centers to create a community throughout this dispersed nation.

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