Health & Wellness

#SelfCare now for all operating systems, including your own. by VOCAL

Just six weeks after its immensely successful launch for iPhone that placed it in the Top 50 free games in the App Store, today #SelfCare hits the Google Play store for Android devices. Developed by the team at TRU LUV, #SelfCare’s playful innovations to digitally engage and personally disconnect are changing the game of mindfulness.

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Introducing: Vyayama by VOCAL

Balancing style and sustainability, Vyayama is a new lifestyle brand that brings the energies of the natural world into reimagined everyday products for the body, mind and home. Launching today as the first in a program of releases: a limited yoga wear line for the empowered female that brings a new understanding of mindful luxury to performance apparel, complimenting custom-made natural fabrics with unique, contemporary design to translate the essence of yoga into refined and effortless style.  

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TINY EMPIRE Juice Cleanse by VOCAL

Modern life takes its toll on the body and the mind. But thereʼs no reason to stop burning the candle at both ends; at least, not entirely. A short remedial cleanse is enough to put a bounce back in your step and a smile back on your face. Tailored to the most common ailments of todayʼs New Yorker, each Tiny Juice Cleanse of raw organic fruits, vegetables, boosters and herbal tinctures addresses a specific range of issues that energize the body and reinvigorate the mind.

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